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Our staff enjoy the unique international community and environment of Michael Hall School, that aims to create a culture of mutual respect, tolerance and fraternity. We are committed to continuing professional development of all our staff and to training new teachers.

The Teachers at Michael Hall School are responsible for delivering the Steiner Waldorf curriculum to the students, guiding the children to investigate core subjects such as language, history, maths, science and geography through creativity and imagination. They aim to:

  • Clearly communicate with students, colleagues and parents
  • Commit to each student individually, throughout their years of school
  • Create lively, interactive lesson plans
  • Push themselves to grow and constantly question their teaching methods
  • Push beyond their comfort zones
  • Think outside the box
  • Inspire their students to keep progressing

Our Administration team works together to support the teachers, and the maintenance and kitchen staff work to ensure a smooth functioning of daily operations of the School.

Senior Leadership Team

  • Sarah Stokes


  • Emmeline Hawker

    Director of Studies

  • Charlie Parker

    Designated Safeguarding Lead

  • Jacqueline Courtenay

    Assistant Principal

  • Michaela Devaris

    Upper School Assistant Principal

  • Rachel Ford-Blanchard

    Assistant Principal and Early Childhood Lead

  • Colin Fullbrook

    Head of Finance

  • Rowan Michael

    Head of People and Culture

  • Chloe Martin


  • Tatiana Sowter

    Head of Operations


  • Vicky Greenacre

    Class Teacher

  • Anna Elusse-Dill

    Class Teacher

  • Tara Brocklehurst

    Class Teacher

  • Thomas Godber

    Class Teacher

  • Mara Lane

    Class Teacher

  • Vanessa King

    Class Teacher

  • James Caffrey

    Class Teacher

  • Rachel Gatehouse

    Class Teacher, Science Teacher

  • Marianne Romeo

    Class Teacher

  • Sarah Neal

    Class Teacher

  • Daniel Jones

    Class Teacher

  • Ethan Friedman

    Class Teacher

  • Radostina Kamuninska

    Class Teacher

  • Oliver Harkness

    Class Teacher

  • Renata Harkness

    Class Teacher

  • Alex Gearing

    Class Guardian & Learning Resources

  • James Kilfiger

    Guardian and US Maths Teacher

  • Srisha Sreedharan

    Science Teacher, Class Guardian

  • Jenny Robertson

    Kindergarten Teacher

  • Hellen Williams

    Kindergarten Teacher

  • Saskia Harding

    Kindergarten Teacher

  • Sarah Lett

    Kindergarten Assistant

  • Hladiny Manes-Duarte

    Kindergarten Assistant

  • Genevieve Carter

    Kindergarten Assistant

  • Stefania Caprio

    Saplings Teacher

  • Amelia Errazuriz Concha

    Kindergarten Assistant

  • Fadellah Khettabi

    Afternoon Club Teacher

  • Nicky Goodland

    Kindergarten Afternoon Club Teacher

  • Caroline vonZweibergk

    French Teacher

  • Monika Arlsan

    German Teacher

  • Marco Piotti

    History Teacher

  • Samantha Bax

    Geography Teacher

  • Lucy Tomlinson

    Lab Technician

  • Arthur Dyer

    Gym Teacher

  • Laura Selter

    Gym Teacher

  • Emily Gearing-Grief

    Parent and Child Teacher

  • Angela Bourke

    Science Teacher

  • Zoe Crowder

    Handwork Teacher

  • Thackery Davis

    Woodwork and Joinery Teacher

  • Ursula Godber

    Recorder Teacher

  • Julian Rolton

    Music Teacher

  • Simon Grimshaw

    Science Teacher

  • Ximena Heasman

    Pottery Teacher

  • Georgie Howlett

    Eurythmy Teacher

  • Ana Lemos

    Art Teacher

  • Ingrid Lidberg

    Spanish Teacher

  • Nicola MacDonald

    Handwork Teacher

  • Rachel Masters

    Bookbinding Teacher, Cello Tuition and Instrumental Co-Ordinator

  • Tom Morris

    Gardening Teacher

  • Anna Pavan

    Eurythmy Teacher

  • Margita Yankova

    Interim Upper School Inclusion Support

  • Saskia Brand

    Learning Support Teacher

  • Sarah Devaris


  • Amelia Coe

    Basketwork Teacher

  • Claire Hope

    Music Teacher

  • Synah Taylor


  • Tina Weston

    Classroom Teaching Assistant

  • Heather Bain

    A-Level Chemistry

  • Rebecca Lidert

    Art and Design Teacher

  • Che Kevlin

    Photography Teacher

  • Gesha Zhu

    Classroom Teaching Assistant

  • Rebecca Sharp

    Teaching Assistant

  • Sophie Foxwell

    Classroom Teaching Assistant

  • Claire Kemsley

    Kindergarten Cover

  • Simon Casciano

    Piano Teacher

  • Anna Thomas

    Flute Teacher

  • Nicoline Kraamwinkel

    Violin Teacher

  • Emily Finnemore

    Clarinet Teacher

  • Saadia Rahman

    English Teacher

  • Sabina Kalkova

    Saplings Assistant

  • Lucrecia Amos

    Spanish Teacher

  • Isaac Sturtridge

    Teaching Assistant

  • Charlotte Thompson

    Class Teacher

Directors of Michael Hall School LTD Trust

  • Tali Michaels

    Chair, Safeguarding, SEND

  • James Angus

    Chair Resources, Finance

  • Tal Souleiman

    SEND, Waldorf Certification, Trustee Training

  • Rowena Moore

    Resources Committee

  • James Harrison

    Estates, Health and Safety

  • Daniel Jones

    Behaviour & Attitudes

  • Evgenii Tilezhinskii

    Exam outcomes & Pupil Progress

  • John Durrant

    Chair EP&S, SEND, Complaints

Support Staff

  • Ian Howard

    Estate Manager

  • Chloe Lewin

    Admissions and Marketing Manager

  • Maria Finnemore

    Wellbeing Lead for Lower School

  • Emily Worth

    Exams and Data Officer

  • Eva Harrell-Toth

    HR Assistant

  • Maria Lucas

    Senior Accounts Administrator

  • Pearce McNulty

  • Blanca Rey-Gutierrez

    School Nurse

  • Matthew Saunders

    Site Team

  • Sebastian Wild


  • Hayley Bagshaw

    PA to the Principal

  • Peter Clarke

    Site Team

  • Kirsty Grant-Howard

    Communications Co-Ordinator

  • Clifford Griffith

    Site Team

  • Rebecca Santos


  • Kirsty Clements

    Finance and Administration Assistant

  • Mark Payne

    Estate and Maintenance Operative

  • Vicky Buttle

    Medical Room Officer

  • Darshan Robson

    School Market Gardener

  • Melissa Matthews

    Attendance Officer and Safeguarding Support

  • Lyann Kemal