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Welcome to Michael Hall School’s Centenary Celebration - honouring our past, celebrating our present and embracing the future. 

The centenary is a celebration of the rich history and honours the legacy of Michael Hall School; but also looks towards the next 100 years, as a pioneer school in Waldorf Education. 

It gives us the chance to reflect on the school’s founding principles, milestones and the impact it has had on generations of students and educators. It also allows us to look to the future and to how Michael Hall School can lead the way for Waldorf Education in the UK for generations to come, aiming to inspire and empower the future. 

Our celebrations start with the 2024 Midsummer Festival on Saturday 22nd June, and finish at Midsummer 2025; earmarking the day of 100 years at the centre of the year’s festivities, in January 2025. Throughout the next year we will be hosting a number of events and activities to invite you to our school and join us in celebrating where we have been, where we are now and where we will go. 

We are fortunate enough to have a rich community full of imagination. We would like to invite you to share your memories as an Alumni, your work as a current student, and your generosity as a parent or friend of Michael Hall School. Below you will find links to submission opportunities.  

As an Alumni, previous staff member or parent of an alumni, we would love to hear your stories and see your pictures of your time at school here. Your story or your picture may be featured in future publications and will be store in a bank of memories

If you are a current student at Michael Hall School, we need you! We are looking for images of your art work that you have created at school, or your photographs of the school and the grounds, that you are most proud of. Entries will be featured in our Centenary 2025 Calendar to be sold at Advent Fair. All students whose submissions are featured, will receive a free calendar. Email your images to [email protected]  

Lastly we have a thrilling online auction event happening during 2025. We are looking for offers of items, services and experiences to be sold at auction that will be held online for a limited time only. Anyone can submit an entry!

Centenary Fundraising

Centenary Project 1 - Dick Chester Roundabout

To kick start the Centenary projects, we have been able to turn the unloved Dick Chester planting bed, into a raised bed and seat, as part of Class 3's building project this year. We are now working towards bringing Waldorf Schools all over the world together and immortalising that connection with signs pointing to those schools we have made a link with. The fingerpost signs will be made from the sacred wood from the Goetheanum and will dictate the school and the distance from Michael Hall to them. A planting scheme that will surround the post is based on Steiners 'Pillars of Education'.

Centenary Project 2 - Playground Rejuvenation & Creation

We would like to restore the play area behind the Library for our older Lower School children. It would become a sensory play area, based on balance and music, to support the stimulation of learning during break times. We have noticed an increased interest in parkour and climbing, therefore we would like to create a rewarding play area that is both safe and challenging, but also meets the students' needs.

Centenary Project 3 - Tree Planting & Willow Maze

In support of our younger children, we would like to provide more areas of natural shade in the Lower School playground. On the lawn at the front of Butler's Gate, we would also like bring calm respite and meet the needs of those feeling overwhelmed, by creating an area of natural willow structure, as tunnels and refuge to play in.

Centenary Project 4 - Woodyard & Wintergarden Rejuvenation

Many will remember the Woodyard where the Blue Pool once was and have fond memories of their time there. In the long term, we would like to look at the possibility of re-instating the pool. However, in the near future we would like to bring the current, wallowing outside structure in the Woodyard, back to a usable and safe outdoor learning space. In the coming years we would like to focus part of our outdoor lessons on clearing, pruning and planting in and around the Water Gardens. This work would allow the School to support open ground days and garden openings throughout the year. 

Centenary Project 5 - Centenary Garden

We have been lucky enough to have the opportunity for Class 8 to work on a patch of unloved land onsite. As part of their Garden Creation lesson this year, Class 8 decided to work on a new tiered garden located behind the Clockhouse. They are aiming to create a calm and tranquil space for all to enjoy. Funds have already been kindly donated by the Mansion Market, to get the project to where it is so far. With further donations, we are looking at ensuring the natural pond thrives, and would like to plant appropriate plants that can be used at School to learn about their properties for cooking, dying and healing.

Centenary Project 6 - Outdoor stage

After the ever-successful fundraising venture to support the relaying of the Mansion's Upper Terrace -that was kindly spearheaded by parents-, we are hoping to continue this project to completion. With further donations, we would rebuild the outdoor stage, and replace the cracked, sunken concrete and capstones with Heritage York stone. This would make all areas of the stage safe again, returning it to its former glory and allowing classes to be able to utilise it for performances, throughout the year, once again.

Centenary Events

Watch this space!

Support Us

In order to continue our next 100 years and to inspire future generations throughout Waldorf education, we would like your support in investing in Michael Hall School. 

Give 100 for another 100 years. Any 100 denomination you can donate will go a long way.  

Please visit our “Support Us” page.

If you are a Friend of Michael Hall School (current or previous parent, alumni, member of the local community) and would like to get involved with the celebrations. Please get in touch via [email protected]