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Our staff enjoy the unique international community and environment of Michael Hall School, that aims to create a culture of mutual respect, tolerance and fraternity. We are committed to continuing professional development of all our staff and to training new teachers.

The Teachers at Michael Hall School are responsible for delivering the Steiner Waldorf curriculum to the students, guiding the children to investigate core subjects such as language, history, maths, science and geography through creativity and imagination. They aim to:

  • Clearly communicate with students, colleagues and parents
  • Commit to each student individually, throughout their years of school
  • Create lively, interactive lesson plans
  • Push themselves to grow and constantly question their teaching methods
  • Push beyond their comfort zones
  • Think outside the box
  • Inspire their students to keep progressing

Our Administration team works together to support the teachers, and the maintenance and kitchen staff work to ensure a smooth functioning of daily operations of the School.

Michaela Devaris

Upper School Assistant Principal

Michaela was born into a family who had a deep interest in Anthroposophy. She attended a Waldorf Kindergarten in Vienna, but then went through a state schooling as there was no Waldorf School at the time. Her love for Eurythmy and movement started very early and throughout her school years she attended classes of Eurythmy and various other dances. She then studied Eurythmy in Vienna after attending a foundation course in Anthroposophy in Stuttgart.  

A period of moving and working in Europe and Asia followed before Michaela settled in Tenerife, where she built up a Centre for Curative Education and Social Therapy and it was also there where her own family of 3 children was formed.  

In 1993, in search for a school for her own children, Michaela’s journey at Michael Hall started.  

Michaela has really enjoyed teaching and experiencing the development of some classes from Class 1 right through to Class 12. Her love for the artistic performances and her work with students as a guardian and tutor have been an integral part to the life of the Upper School. 

During the many years at Michael Hall Michaela has been involved with leadership in different ways and finally in Spring 2020 was appointed as the Assistant Principal for the Upper School where her wide range of experience is appreciated.

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