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Further Education and Careers

Further Education

Professors in various academic disciplines from a range of higher education institutions have noted that Steiner school graduates have the ability to integrate thinking, to assimilate information as opposed to memorising isolated facts, are willing to take intellectual risks, and are leaders with high moral standards who take initiative.


Michael Hall graduates work in all sectors of the economy, bringing their passion for learning and their highly developed ethics to the realms of science and technology, business, the arts, the environment, government, and other new and traditional professions.

Like all Waldorf education institutions, Michael Hall has always aimed to supplement technical skills with strong social and collaboration capacities, creativity and lateral thinking. These are now recognised as highly valuable not only for the working generations of the near future, but also for society on the whole.

Whatever field our alumni chose to pursue, the capacities developed through the Waldorf education at Michael Hall will provide them with a strong foundation for success in these uncertain times of change.