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Fees for the current year 

Class Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term Total Annual Charge
Saplings 2-year-old Provision £11 per hour
Kindergarten (3 mornings / week) £2,010 £2,010 £2,010 £6,030
Kindergarten (4 mornings / week) £2,270 £2,270 £2,270 £6,810
Kindergarten (5 mornings / week) £2,440 £2,440 £2,440 £7,320
Class 1 £3,790 £3,790 £3,790 £11,370
Class 2 £3,990 £3,990 £3,990 £11,970
Class 3 – 5 £4,390 £4,390 £4,390 £13,170
Class 6 - 8 £4,875 £4,875 £4,875 £14,625
Class 9 - 12 £5,275 £5,275 £5,275 £15,825
Extra Sessions  
LS Afternoon Club (per afternoon) £20.95 per session
KG Afternoon Club (per afternoon) £23.50 per session
Parent and Child (0-36 months) £14.25 per session

Please see our Tuition Charges & Financial Information 2023-2024  for full information.

Fees 2024-2025

Class Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term Total Annual Charge
Early Childhood- (3 mornings) £1,800 £1,800 £1,800 £5,400
Early Childhood- (4 mornings) £2,400 £2,400 £2,400 £7,200
Early Childhood- (5 mornings) £3,000 £3,000 £3,000 £9,000
Class 1 £4,000 £4,000 £4,000 £12,000
Class 2 £4,250 £4,250 £4,250 £12,750
Class 3-5 £4,650 £4,650 £4,650 £13,950
Class 6-8 £5,150 £5,150 £5,150 £15,450
Class 9-12 £5,750 £5,750 £5,750 £17,250

Fee Payments

Fees for a full year are payable by direct debit in ten or twelve monthly instalments. We also accept termly or annual payments in advance via online transfer. 

The School’s Direct Debit Mandate can be found here or please contact Credit Control.

Siblings fee reduction

  • Second child pays 87% of full fee 
  • Third child pays 81% of full fee 
  • Other children pay 75% of full fee

Additional Charges and Outlays

The costs of some school trips are covered by the tuition fees. Other trips and outings are normally charged separately at cost. Exam fees are included in the tuition charge. Retakes are charged for at cost. Music Lessons are charged at cost. Instrument Hire is £25 per term for violin, cello, flute, clarinet, oboe, French horn & trumpet. Sports and other after school clubs are normally included in the tuition fee.

Optional Extras

School buses: School buses run from Tunbridge Wells, East Grinstead and Brighton, information can be found on the School Bus page.

Late payments and Persistent late Payers

Please see our Tuition Charges & Financial Information 2023-2024 booklet for further information.

Notice Period

To withdraw your child from Michael Hall, please email creditcontrol in line with the following notice periods:

Leaving date Date notice must be given by
End of Autumn term (15th December 2023) Friday 20th October 2023
End of Spring half term (9th February 2024) Friday 15th December 2023
End of Spring term (22nd March 2024) Friday 9th February 2024
End of Summer half term (24th May 2024) Friday 22nd March 2024
End of Summer term, end of the School year (12th July 2024) Friday 19th April 2024
  • If notice is received outside of the above dates, 6 weeks of fees will be charged in lieu of notice
  • For Parent and Child, the notice period is four (term time) weeks.   
  • The notice period for funded children in Kindergarten is 6 weeks.  

Funding and Fee Assistance

Government Early Years Funding

We operate the government’s Early Years (EYEE) Funding for three and four-year-olds which is available to every family and will be offset against the fees. For funded children the standard hourly rate above is completely free for 3 hours a morning. (NB: the care package rate is still payable). 

We do not offer HMRC’s extended 30-hour funding. 

Early Years Funding is not available for Saplings.

Fee Assistance

At Michael Hall School we have a Fee Assistance programme designed to help families access our wonderful education despite potential financial strains.  For complete information about the scheme (available for all current parents) please see the attached guide, which includes our fee assistance policy.

The fee assistance guide for 2024-2025 can be found here

For any queries in the meantime please contact [email protected]