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Parents' Corner

This page holds the practical information for the daily life of your child(ren) and will be updated regularly. 


Parent Portal

To access the Parent Portal please click on the button below:

School Buses

Our small but luxury fleet of school minibuses offer a near bespoke service to many locations across Surrey, East Sussex & Kent. Offering multiple pick-ups points on our routes from stops that are chosen for their safety & accessibility we aim to ensure that for our passengers every journey is comfortable & as stress-free as possible. The minibuses are fully safety checked before every journey by our staff and also follow a strict quarterly servicing schedule.

All our fully trained, DBS checked drivers complete all our safeguarding training and are always ready to assist any of our passengers with access requirements. The dedicated site team support our frontline drivers during the school day when the minibuses are used to transport the children to sports matches & on school trips.

To book a place on one of our minibuses, please visit the School Buses page


Leave of absence

All requests for leave of absence for Classes 1-12 during term time should be made by email to [email protected], and for Early Childhood to [email protected]. You may also apply in writing to Reception. We require two weeks’ notice for requests for them not be counted as unauthorised, and we will ensure a timely reply. In line with our Attendance Policy and the Guidance from the Department of Education, absence during term time Term will not be granted for holidays or family celebrations. In instances where there is joint custody both parents will need to be consulted before leave of absence is granted.

In case of sicknesses
  1. To report a child as absent due to illness, please either email [email protected] for Classes 1-12 or [email protected] for Early Childhood.  Alternatively you may also call 01342 822275 and choose option 1 by 08:30 or leave a message in Reception.
  2. The registration period closes at 08:30. Any pupil not in School by this time will be marked as an unauthorised absence as per the latest Government Guidelines which we are under a legal obligation to comply with.
  3. If your child arrives after this time, they need to sign in at Reception. Should your child need to be collected during the School day, they must sign out at and be collected from, Reception. No parents should be within the School grounds outside the permissible collection times unless they have first signed in at Reception and are either DBS checked, or accompanied by a member of staff.

School Day

The school day starts at 8:15 for Lower and Upper School and 8:10 for Kindergarten. The Kindergarten day finishes at 12:30, with Upper School finishing at 4:00. Please see below for the Lower School times.

Class Short Day 8:10 - 12:35 Long Day 8:10 - 15:15
1 Tues, Weds, Thurs, Fri Mon (and Weds in Summer Term)
2 Tues, Fri Mon, Weds, Thurs
3 Fri
Mon, Tues, Weds, Thurs
4,5,6,7,8,   Every day

Gym Kits

For Classes 3 – 4 each pupil needs the following:

  1. A gym-bag (embroidered by pupils in the Summer Term in Class 2)
  2. We encourage children to be barefoot in the gym. However, if they have injuries or foot issues, they may wear a pair of clean indoor non-marking shoes. (We recommend plimsolls or minimalist trainers. High heel trainers with lots of cushioning limit the ability of the foot to move.)
  3. A pair of outdoor trainers or plimsolls for outside games
  4. Navy tracksuit bottoms and/or navy blue shorts (available from Reception)
  5. A white Michael Hall T-shirt with the school logo (available from Reception)
  6. A red Michael Hall sweatshirt (available from Reception)

For Classes 5 – 8 each pupil needs the following:

1. A pair of clean indoor trainers (we need all pupils to wear indoor trainers/ plimsolls for games at this age as they are getting bigger and there is a greater risk of foot injuries when some are wearing footwear and others are barefoot)
2. A separate pair of outdoor trainers
3. Navy tracksuit bottoms and/or navy blue shorts (available from Reception)
4. A white Michael Hall T-shirt with the school logo (available from Reception)
5. A red Michael Hall sweatshirt (available from Reception)

For Classes 9 – 12 each pupil needs the following:

1. A pair of clean indoor trainers
2. A separate pair of outdoor trainers
3. Navy blue tracksuit bottoms/navy sports leggings and/or navy-blue shorts of their choosing
4. A white T-shirt
5. A plain navy blue sweatshirt, the style of their choosing

In Classes 7 – 12 the pupils need the following for some sport blocks:

1.  A spare change of underwear and towel
2. Waterproofs, hat, gloves
3. A gum shield for hockey and rugby games (available from the Gym Department if they do not have their own, a charge of approximately £4.50 will be added to the bill)
4. Studded boots for football/rugby that can also be used for orienteering, cross-country and some outdoor games.

Please note that jewellery and watches will need to be removed for lessons.  Small earrings can be taped over safely with micropore tape (available at pharmacies).


School Lunches

Hot lunches are available daily from Dino's Kitchen. School lunches must be ordered in advance, by the Wednesday of the previous week.

The menu and information on how to order can be found here.

Use of Electronic Media

You can read the guidelines here.