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Library Fundraising

We are raising funds to refurbish our library into a vibrant resource centre, that not only facilitates, but also encourages learning through a more engaging and welcoming space. The aim is to establish an environment that not only provides the valuable resources needed, but also allow our pupils to engage in independent, group, and whole class research and study, whilst also providing a comfortable reading space for both our fiction and non-fiction appropriate literature.

The Literacy Team at Michael Hall School, have been looking into ways to bring our library into a modern learning resource space, which includes: new shelving, following recommended heights for the students of different ages across the school; new chairs, with soft seating that allow for comfortable browsing; study tables and appropriate height chairs, for group work; and a separate study area that will provide the most flexible use of the library for our students today.  

Our Library Resource Centre aims to be a place for: 

  • To read fiction and non-fiction, for all students and staff 
  • Individual and small group study 
  • Whole classes to develop their research skills  
  • Whole class reading and storytelling 
  • Looking at career options and university guides 
  • Board games and RPG clubs 
  • A quiet sanctuary at break or lunch 

A place to enter into an untold world of imagination and learning 

If you would like to support this endeavour with a financial contribution, please consider that all UK tax payers are eligible for Gift Aid to be added to their donation.