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Class 9 Forensics Challenge

'The bell for the end of lunch break has just rung, Ms Gatehouse enters the Physics lab and finds the teacher on the floor not moving! On closer inspection she is not breathing, with no pulse and cold to the touch. Blanca calls an ambulance but, unfortunately the teacher is declared dead at the scene!

Taking in the scene the lab is in a mess! There is broken glass, stools/ chairs knocked over and plenty of evidence to discover.

How did she die? And why is the lab such a mess!?'

Class 9 Forensics

Class 9 have ended the year taking part in a forensics challenge. They were asked to form groups and work together to solve the answers to the questions above. The week of lessons started with instructions on fingerprinting, microscopy, forensic psychology and generally how to investigate a crime scene. They heard about different jobs related to this. Next the class were shown the crime scene and asked to observe and record findings in order to discover what had happened.

Class 9 have loved putting together clues, questioning suspects, asking for reports and carrying out tests. They are able to put work from their GCSE sciences into practise and have learnt valuable life lessons; like being on time, taking care of reports, reading evidence first and not jumping to conclusions or making assumptions. It has been fun preparing for this, and we can't thank our lab technician Lucy enough for making it all work smoothly. 

The evidence is that it was enjoyed by all!

Rachel (Angela and Lucy)