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Class 2 Play 'The King of Ireland's Son'

The King Of Ireland's Son is tricked by the Enchanter of the Black Backlands and must find his castle again within a year and a day. He begins his quest, filled with magic and adventure;

'His hound at his heel,

His Hawk on his wrist;

A brave steed to carry him whither he list,

And the blue sky over him.."

Laheen the Eagle advises him, "Follow the sun for one whole day, to the lake where three swans play. They are the daughters of the Enchanter, and one of them will help you." After facing many tricks and challenges King of Ireland's son finally succeeds in his quest and wins the hand of the "love of his heart", Fedelma, the Enchanter's daughter.

Class 2 rose to the occasion of their first performance in the studio and delivered a wonderful re-enactment of this beautiful, classic folk tale.