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Upper School

At Michael Hall, pupils continue their educational journey from Middle School to Upper School; from Class 8 into 9. This transition is also an excellent time to join the Michael Hall community as the educational approach intentionally changes to meet the needs of the Upper School pupil whilst the introduction of nationally accredited courses allow the students feel a connection to their peers outside of Michael Hall.

In anticipation of Class 9, students choose from a range of foundational GCSE subjects to study, alongside English, Maths and Science. Likewise, in Class 11 and 12, we offer all the primary A-Level subjects to prepare our students for Higher Education and employment. Alongside these courses, we offer a broad curriculum of non-accredited subjects and experiences that support our students as they grow through these four years.

Through Music, Eurythmy, Drama, Gym & Games, Ethics, Arts & Crafts and various educational trips, we look to meet the needs of each student and help provide them with opportunities that support their development, answer some of their questions, and open new doors of discovery that brighten their future paths.

Through this broad four-year programme, we aim to help each student develop independent thinking, sound judgement and social responsibility.

The school day begins with the Main Lesson. The themes and subjects covered during this precious time are immensely varied and can range from learning practical skills in Repair Shop via a block on Trigonometry, to addressing the multi-facetted challenges inherent in putting on a musical. The daily rhythm of the Main Lesson allows each student to become immersed in the current theme or subject, some of which enhance their accredited subjects. This programme also helps provide much needed context to the exam specifications that students have chosen to follow.

Following Main Lesson, the school day consists of GCSE and A-level lessons interspersed with artistic subjects which provide a holistic balance to the academic learning. Altogether, half of the weekly timetable consists of GCSE or A-level subject lessons.

To find out more about our GCSE and A-level provision, please click on the booklet download below.