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Class 5a Poems

As part of their year-long tree journal projects, over the holidays, Class 5a have written poems and created artwork about their chosen trees.

My Plum Tree

At the top of my road a plum tree stands tall
Sharing it's fruit with one and all.

Like a ladder for wasp and bird and for mouse
Even for some a beautiful house.

In the Winter it sleeps with it's roots in the ground.
No fruit or leaves on it's branches are found.

In Spring new life in the tree starts to grow
Glad to be free from the ice and the snow.

New buds do appear and the blossom comes out
From it's branches the new baby birds start to shout.

In Summer the tree's branches are heavy with fruit
Bursting with life that it's drawn from its roots.

In the Autumn the leaves start to wither and die
As they softly drift down, they all say goodbye.

At the top of my road a plum tree stands tall
Sharing its fruit with one and all.

By Orlando 

My Corkscrew Hazelnut

The branches are a curly wurly
The branches are very twirly
The branches twist and turn like a rollercoaster
The branches burn like they're in a toaster.

Hazelnuts are the elixir of deer
Hazelnuts keep the foxes, badgers and squirrels near
The hazelnuts are like a snails shell
Hazelnuts are very easy to sell.

The 7 trunks are 7 feet
The trunks do really well in the heat
The trunk grows really slow
The trunk gives off a silvery glow.

The leaves are a spider's parachute
The branches are my musical flute
When the leaves fall down and they disintegrate
The branches become lonely as they've lost their mate.

By Moses

My Fig Tree

It's a bare site, not a single leaf left
No bird or sign of life.

The branches weave between each other like a labyrinth
Whispering secrets to each other.

At night, I hear the silent music of winter and I imagine a small white owl perched on the highest branches of my tree.

By Yann

My Willow Tree

My Willow tree has always been there for meWhen I look around and can't find firm ground.

It stands tall and calm always around.

When the thunder comes and the wind starts to pound
My willow tree in on the firm ground.

By Sebastian