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Class 6b play 'O Roma Nobilis'

"Hello, my name is Marcia Dexter-Baxter from "The Times". Last week I was invited to Michael Hall School to see Class 6b's production of "O Roma Nobilis". To start off with, there was a lot of very confident narration. We then got to meet some of Rome's gods: Diana, the goddess of hunting and crossroads, Mars, the god of War, Ianus, the god with two faces, and Vesta, the goddess of hearth, home and donkeys. Jupiter, the father of all Roman gods, played an exceptional violin solo. We also saw some obnoxious soldiers gambling, some beautiful Vestal maidens and had a tour of the Roman Forum, led by stars Ingrida Kolloy and Luciano Adagio. It was an overall impressive performance!"

Written by a Class 6b student from the point of view of a theatre critic.