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Introducing the new Michael Hall logo

We are delighted to unveil the new School logo to you all and share some of the details of how it has come about. 

In the early days of the School, students wore a uniform- a blazer and a cap or beret, which both displayed a simple emblem: A three-sided shape inside a pentagon. 

The Class of 1959, in the Lower School, some showing the uniform with the emblem.

This badge was designed by Dorothy Darrell, one of the original 5 teachers and the wife of Jesse Darrell, another teacher at the New School. It was designed to celebrate the new name for the School in Streatham, when the School changed its name from New School to Michael Hall. 

In the 1960’s this design had a refresh: a red pentagon, a blue circle and a yellow three sided ‘propeller’ symbol. 

50 years later, the emblem was made into a felt brooch and given to pupils leaving Class 12 and previous students of the School and it became the symbol for our Alumni. 

Our new logo combines the nostalgic elements of these symbols, with a modern feel which encompasses the School’s vision. 

The three shapes in the logo, regularly appear in Rudolf Steiner's writings: 



The Pentagon is associated The Vitruvian Man by Leonardo da Vinci, which represents the fivefold aspect of Man: The four limbs and the head. 

The Circle 
The circle is seen as a symbol of unity and wholeness and represents the recurring cycles and rhythms in both nature and human life. 

Three sided ‘Propellor’ shape
The number 3 is used in many contexts in Rudolf Steiner’s writings. Here it represents the Three Soul Forces: Thinking, Feeling and Willing. 

All these elements are woven together in our education and represent the child’s journey through the School. Inside the human being (the pentagon) there is wholeness and unity (the circle) and thinking, feeling, willing (the three sided shape) are intertwined through our education.

The Michael Hall colours have been refreshed in line with Waldorf principles and represent the age group for each area of the School. A soft pink for Early Childhood which is described by Nancy Foster in ‘In a Nutshell’ as ‘creating that sense of young life which one feels in an orchard of fruits trees in bloom’ The light purple of the Lower School into the Middle School represents the more inwardly active, thoughtful work of the students. The blue of the Upper School symbolises free thinking and expresses thoughtfulness and deliberation. 

Our core purpose, designed by our teaching staff, shows how at Michael Hall, we experience beauty, find our intellectual freedom, let imagination flourish, seek reverence and love, and light the fire of learning.