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Class 5 Olympics

The Olympic Games is now in its 34th year at Michael Hall. It is an event which has grown over the years and this year we had 16 other Waldorf Schools from around the UK participating, making a total of 230 athletes.

A key aspect of the Games is that all forms of conventional competition are removed, so there is no measuring, timing or recording of events. The children train, play and camp together for two days and then take part the the Games on the third day. Without the hinderance of who wins or throws the furthest, the children are free to participate to their full potential regardless of ability.

Each child is awarded a medal for the qualities they demonstrate throughout the three days. This could be strength, determination, grace, speed; real qualities that can be genuinely recognised.

Thank you to all the schools who joined us and to everyone involved in the organisation and running of such a fantastic event.

Photos by Galina Kononenko