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Class 4b Children's Forest

After Class 4 planted trees at the Children’s Forest planting project at Michael Hall this spring, they imagined the future forest and how the tree they planted would look in the future, then painted it. They imagined the animals and plants that would grow and thrive nearby and included those in their artwork as well. Each child drew themselves next to their tree, as a guardian and ally. 

Here are some of the acrostic poems that Class 4b collaboratively wrote about their vision for the Children's Forest:

Calling winds do call the sun
How fast the summer has begun
In winter we still do hope
Long we wait for summer's fine coat
Dragonflies flutter
Robins do sing
Elder trees whispering the breeze
Nothing yet fallen from the trees
Some apples! Here they come, lets see!
-written by Molly 

Friendly forest is teeming with life
Our friends the trees grow to their full height
Rodents, mustelids, canines and deer herds
East, South, north and west fly the birds
Sunny and bright, the days are filled with light
Together we planted the trees of great might
-by Alfie and Lucia

Concerts of birds
Here I have heard
In the forest green
Lovely and free
Ducks quacking
Ravens squawking
Ever so lovely kestrels fly
Never so many birds have I seen in the sky
So many birds flying happily by 
-By Abril 

Flowing leaves in the breeze
Over the oak trees
Running water in the stream
Ever running to the sea
Suddenly the owl hoots in the night
Turning all attention to his flight
-Written by Jasper and Zlata