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Class 3 Camping at Plaw Hatch

Last Wednesday, Class 3 walked all the way to Plaw Hatch from the Valley Field to find the tents their parents had lovingly set up for them. We didn't sleep there the first night but got used to our canvas homes and tent-mates. On Thursday we walked up an even longer way via the hills overlooking the reservoir and prepared to spend the first ever night together as a class. 

We also learned how gently the cows at Plaw Hatch are treated and watched them being milked, in addition to feeding animals and collecting eggs. Finally, we were treated to fresh yoghurt at the farm's dairy.

For many children this was either the first time they'd camped or had been away from home for a night, and with each child managing to sleep for at least four hours, it was a tremendous success. There were of course moments of homesickness and dispute. But for many there were also huge breakthroughs in relationships and a growth of independence.

A huge thank you to all the parents and colleagues who made this epic trip possible and so enjoyable. Thank you also to Plaw Hatch and its kind staff, which - like Tablehurst - shares so many of the values that Michael Hall does.