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Class 4b German play “Peter’s altes Haus”

On Thursday, World Book Day, class 4b performed their German play “Peter’s altes Haus”. The story is based on one of the beautiful books by Elsa Beskow. 

The children told the story entirely in German through songs, poems and dialogue. During the last week, the children have been carrying our play in their hearts and made it fully their own. It was heartwarming for everyone to see the reverence, care for each other and joy, which shone through the performance. 

The story is about an old, very kind man, Peter, who used to be a sailor. Now, he is always there for the children, telling them stories about animals, carving boats for them, while he has no money to do up his own old house. But when the authorities threaten to pull his house down, the children come into action and his house is transformed by everyone working together.