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What a triumph!

Class 12 delivered four captivating performances of Blue Stockings by Jessica Swale last week and have had some fantastic feedback

Here are some comments from those who were lucky enough to catch a performance:

"Incredible! I particularly wanted my daughter to see the history of the story and they put on an incredible play! Thank you class 12 for an incredible performance 🎭!"

"It was a really amazing performance. Not an easy play to pull off. Nice one class 12 👏"

"It was spectacular! Amazing acting, costumes and set. I was blown away by the high standard. Well done class 12. 👏🏻"

"Way beyond a 6th form production, such maturity"

"It was the best, most professional MH production I can recall and should be taken on tour"

“The best Class 12 Play I’ve seen”

“You could see the students were really living their characters and that they were totally engaged with the story"

Fresh, compelling and thought provoking

And some words from one of the Class 12 parents:

Wow, blown away at our young people- what a smooth polished, dynamic emotional thought-provoking production!!! It was perfect for their class, the casting was inspired, bringing the quieter ones into their power and confidence 

And what a play- such an important message about very recent history...delivered in such an eloquent, humorous heartfelt way taking us on a full range of emotions.
I am so grateful that they have had this opportunity- what a triumph