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Class 7b Main Lesson "The Life of the Prophet Muhammed and The Golden Age of Islam"

Class 7b have recently completed a main lesson on "The Life of the Prophet Muhammed" and "The Golden Age of Islam". 

Whilst learning about the Prophet, they were visited by the school's afternoon care teacher, Fadellah Khettabi. Fadellah spoke to the class about the 5 Pillars of Islam and about her personal connection to the Islamic faith. 

The class wrote essays on the Prophet's life, and then worked in small groups to produce a poster presentation on one of the streams that came from the "The Golden Age of Islam". They taught each other about: Baghdad; The House of Wisdom; Medicine; Geography; Science; Astronomy and Astrology; Art; and Mathematics.  

The class finished off their block by writing letters in both Arabic and English to class 7 students at the "Hebat el Nile Waldorf" School in Luxor, Egypt. The letters will be hand-delivered to the class in Luxor by Andrew Engel, one of Michael Hall's Old Scholars, who has been visiting them since their initiative began.