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Class 4a Camping Trip

Class 4a had a South Downs Way Walk and camp as part of their Main Lesson on local Geography and History. The class walked over 14 miles from Itford, passing through Alfriston and culminating in walking the Seven Sisters to Birling Gap.

We prepared for this walk with two afternoon walks, one to East Grinstead from school and the other in the opposite direction along the Vanguard Way towards Gils Lap. Some of the children were initially surprised we could walk to East Grinstead and even more surprised they would walk such a distance on our camp walk on the Downs. Pathways have cris-crossed our landscape for centuries; by walking them we engage with our landscape. It is a very ancient experience, that has been superseded now with the ease of jumping in a car.

Our trip had so many delights; from glorious vistas to the sea and Weald, to group games and tent time with friends. Fire side chats, team games, delicious hearty food and nature encounters all added to the experience. We took to the Cuckmere Haven Meander for some Kayaking with plenty of challenges for all and even team games on the water.

The views from the Seven Sisters on the last day topped it all off as we journeyed to our meeting point at Birling Gap and a jubilant picnic with parents on a gloriously sunny beach.