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Class 8b Scotland Trip

We had a wonderful time in Scotland at the Ridgway Adventure School which was founded by John Ridgway, the first person to row across the Atlantic and now run by his daughter, Rebecca, the first woman to kayak around Cape Horn. Their intention with the school (set up in 1969) was for people to challenge themselves and be "met by the elements" as they were, to instill the belief in ourselves that we can achieve anything if we are determined and to follow the three principles of self reliance, positive thinking, and leaving people and places better than you found them. The school is in an area of rugged and outstanding beauty which captivated us all. We breathed in the fresh air, drank filtered loch water, climbed a mountain, hiked, kayaked, wild camped, lobster creeled and foraged for wild herbs and shellfish. We had one very sunny day which fortuitously coincided with our visit to a beautiful beach of golden sands. I have certainly come back feeling healthier in body and mind and I have no doubt the children have too.
Emmeline Hawker