Waldorf Subject Teacher Training Course

New Waldorf Subject Teacher Training Course: Starting September 2017

We are delighted to be offering a brand new subject teacher training course this coming September. Initial details can be found below, please contact us for further information.

The purpose of the course

• Developing professional teaching skills and understanding of practical and language subjects through Lower School Classes, based on Steiner philosophy
• The subjects included: Gardening, Handwork, Woodwork and Joinery, Basketry, Clay Modelling, (There is also an introduction session for Upper School Subjects).

Who is the course for? –
• People wanting to be a subject teacher, and would like to experience in-house training
• Those already teaching at a Waldorf School who would like specialist Waldorf pedagogical training
• Those teaching in a mainstream setting

Duration of the Course

10 months (for Certificated course) £1000 or opt for practical sessions only £40 per day (with no Certificate)




























Course content
Friday:  Observation in the classroom, Q&A regarding the observation, Curriculum studies
Saturday:  Study (as below) and individual subject-teaching lessons
Participants can choose which subject lessons to join.



Course Overview

• Foundations of Waldorf Education
• Child Development
• Study of Man – Focused on the “Will”
• Temperaments
• Senses
• Curriculum
• SEN, Therapeutic application of the subjects

2. Practical Skills tailored for subject lessons
• Introduction of age appropriate projects and skill
• Individual skill development
• Classroom management
• Child observation
• Lesson plan, Report writing

3. Artistic activities
• Drawing and Painting
• Eurythmy
• Music – singing, etc.
Students are expected to keep a diary, which includes reflections on each