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DSC_8869Upper School - a broad, balanced curriculum (Ages 15 - 18 years)

As they enter Upper School around age 15, your child’s life is commonly experienced in polarities: love/hate, joy/despair, morality/immorality. Our task then is to guide them towards a place of balance and here again the curriculum meets students where they stand. English Literature explores Greek comedy and tragedy; in Modern History the ideologies of fascism and the United Nations are investigated; in Art black and white drawing externalises the inner turmoil, enabling students to work with and ultimately master their turbulent emotions. In this way the stormy seas of adolescence begin to transform into balanced, informed and wise judgement.

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Their increasing maturity means students are now ready to exchange the security of Lower School and their Class Teacher’s ‘parental’ role for a more collegiate approach with the support of their Tutor, who they will have chosen. Class Guardians also come into the picture to support the social and educational development of the whole class. At a time when most students find their educational focus narrowed by their public exam curriculum, students here receive a broad learning experience.

GCSE and A Level subjects are studied alongside Steiner Waldorf curriculum topics such as Architecture, Embryology, Economics and Philosophy, Politics, Gym and Games, Metalwork, Music and Drama, the list goes on!  Yet we find that the very appropriateness and creativity of our programme allows students to be engaged and focused in all their endeavours in a well-balanced way.

As their school career draws to a close, Class 12 students celebrate an exceptional educational experience with their Italy Trip, where the beauty of the country’s art and architecture and humankind’s potential for creation and civilised community are brought to life.
Finally, they gather together at a week-long camp with students from Classes 12 across the UK to reflect on past experiences and share future hopes.

And what next? The beauty of our education is reflected in the beauty of these young adults. Balanced individuals, ready to embrace the challenges and opportunities life offers. Self-confident, flexible, creative, capable, enthusiastic and inquisitive; socially aware, morally responsible, valuable contributors to our global community.

Our Steiner Waldorf Curriculum Programme Classes 9 and 10

The Upper School at Michael Hall offers an exciting, contemporary and innovative programme that is designed to support the developmental stages of the teenage years. Based on the internationally recognised Steiner Waldorf Curriculum, our programme:

  • meets the needs of the developing adolescent
  • enables students to reach their highest potential
  • cultivates independent, self-motivated learning
  • develops healthy social awareness and a sense of responsibility

The wide variety of Main Lessons, Craft Programmes, Movement, Eurythmy and up to seven Examination Subjects weave throughout the students’ daily life to support and balance their education and help them develop their quite remarkable potential.
At Michael Hall the student is placed at the centre of the education, and we work hard to foster a supportive parent and teacher relationship to enhance each child’s academic and social wellbeing. Class Programme 9/10

Our Steiner Waldorf Curriculum Programme Classes 11 and 12

The themes of Classes 11 and 12 are breadth, depth and engagement in all aspects of the education. An exciting range of Main Lesson topics, crafts, drama, music and sport are studied alongside the students’ chosen specialist topics.
Classes 11 and 12 at Michael Hall offer pupils the opportunity to study their chosen specialist options in the form of A levels, personal projects or EPC work whilst maintaining a broad educational programme based upon the internationally recognised Steiner Waldorf curriculum. Class Programme 11/12

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