Rehearsals of THE WILD, hope you've got your tickets!

"Dreams of a child…thrills and adventure…beasts and monsters…."

"Dreams of a child…thrills and adventure…beasts and monsters…."

Get ready for one of four big family friendly performances of The Wild; an original work coming to you from Class 12. A whirlwind of adventure and excitement that will have your family on the edge of their seats! Tickets available from Reception at Michael Hall, Taffels cafe in Forest Row and on the night.
Performances 8pm this Thursday, Friday and Saturday (23rd - 25th). Matinee 3pm Saturday. Age 7 up.

Class 12 Play - Big family friendly performance of 'The Wild' (age 7 upwards)

Get ready for the big family friendly performance of 'The Wild'; an original work coming to you from Class 12.

A whirlwind of adventure and excitement that will have your family on the edge of their seats. Join us for a magical adventure on the island. It's going to be wild!


Please come and get your tickets before they sell out!

Tickets available from Reception, £6.
This is for Class 1 children and above (age 7)
Matinee family ticket £22, 2 adults, 2 children.

Mansion Music 12th March

School House article on alternative education

School House article on alternative education as a pdf

Teacher Training at Michael Hall

Class 8b Project Presentations TONIGHT 7pm - Theatre - all welcome

Wednesday January 18th at 7pm in the Theatre
Come and hear the independent projects that students of Class 8b have been working on for the past 6 months.

From martial arts to gymnastics, from go cart building to pistol shooting and Archery, it is not an evening to miss!!
Philip Beaven, Class 8b Teacher

Class 7b Play - 27th January in the Theatre 19:30

St Joan

Class 7b will soon be presenting 'Joan of Arc' based on a text by the French modernist playwright Jean Anouilh. We will lead you on a journey through medieval France, to the time of the 100 Years War, and the almost complete domination of this still disparate but proud and chivalric nation by the English knights and kings and the might of the yeoman army with their longbows - the 'hi-tec' weaponry of the age.'

Into this brutal military environment steps a peasant girl, Jeanne d'Arc, whose visions of the Archangel Michael and the saints Catherine and Margaret remain a mystery to this day. Convinced that she had a personal and direct connection to God - a dangerously heretical notion at the time, as well as today, - Joan inspired a nation to rise up against their English oppressors, and she led the French army to many decisive victories, enabling the Dauphin, Crown Prince Charles, to be fully crowned as the King of France. Joan was ultimately captured and tried by the church courts and condemned to death for heresy. Her belief in her visions, in her own innocence, and that she did indeed see the Archangel Michael, accompanied her until her martyr's death in 1431. She was later canonised.

Class 7b have worked hard to explore the Medieval period, but also wanted to make a piece of theatre that is fresh and relevant for today. Please, come and see our production on Fri 27th January at 7.30, in the Theatre.
Dan Skinner, Class 7b teacher

The Oberufer Paradise & Shepherds' Play

The Paradise and Shepherds' play from the Oberufer cycle will be performed by Michael Hall class 11 students and by teachers from the school respectively, on Tuesday 13th starting at 7.30. The teachers would heartily invite those interested to come to this community drama event.
For those of you who are not so familiar with the Oberufer cycle of Medieval plays, they are part of a wonderful body of theatre tradition that goes back in an unbroken line to the middle ages: we have our own cycles of 'Miracle plays' in England, but the Oberufer cycle, from a village by the Danube, has a particular power, subtlety and reverence. We look to invest the plays with joy, humour and awe, and every audience - even those who have seen them many times - enjoys them. The Paradise play with its theme of the fall from grace is not, unfortunately, suitable for all ages and is not recommended for children below class 3.
The teachers at Michael Hall are looking towards the local Forest Row Community to come together, rehearse and perform the Kings' play, the third in the Oberufer cycle, as a community event after the Holy Nights. Is anyone interested in this? Here we have an opportunity for a sharing of a profound theme in community together, using the wonderful theatre at Michael Hall, to be shared with the school when we come back after the Christmas break. Please contact Shepherds' play director Dan Skinner if you are interested, email:


Stained glass gingerbread surprise!

Class 7 made a wonderful surprise for Class 2, baking and making stained glass windows from gingerbread. Yesterday, the class secretly visited their old Class 2 and put up a tree with many branches on which they then hung the edible stained glass windows. We heard that Class 2 was delighted - they formed a circle and sang around the tree, before later eating or taking home their windows.