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Summer Conference at Michael Hall

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New Subject Teacher Training Course

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Olympics this weekend

South of England Show Visit - Classes 3

To deepen the 'Farming and Gardening' experience in Class 3, Classes 3, took a trip to the South of England Show. They had a wonderful time, the photos can be seen below.

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Class 7 students at Michael Hall make pyjamas for children in hospital

Students at Michael Hall make pyjamas for children in hospital.

In Class 7 (Age 13) at Michael Hall the students learn to use a sewing machine and once they have finished making a pair of oven gloves, they embark on working from a pattern and making a garment. This year the handwork teachers decided that the youth of today tend to be more self focused and they need to look out to the world with compassion and so they teamed up with the Pyjama Fairies project. ‘Pyjama Fairies’ is one the few volunteer charities solely dedicated to helping children feel more comfortable while in hospital. While other great organizations focus on research and finding a cure, they work to improve the quality of life of children and their families as they undergo surgeries and treatment.
The two Classes 7 chose the age group they wanted to make the pyjamas for and chose their own fabric, the pyjamas are specially designed with front opening to make dressing easier and to allow ease of access for the medical professionals. This project has been very well received by the students and Michael Hall handwork team will make this a new tradition for this year group.
For more information on Pyjama Fairies, please see 'http://wrappyjamafairies.co.uk’

New Arrivals in Class 3a

After waiting patiently for 21 days the incubated eggs have hatched! Class 3 are feeling very chirpy.

Thank you to Neil at Plaw Hatch Farm for lending us the incubator and for his guidance and support.


Jacqueline Courtenay, Class 3a Teacher

'Mermaid' being performed this Thursday and Friday 25th and 26th May - see photos

Class 8b present MERMAID by Polly Teale

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Beneath the ocean’s waves there is no death or pain or separation. Above, the modern world is beset with war, poverty and longing.
On her sixteenth birthday, a mermaid rises up to the surface, leaving her childhood behind for ever when she falls in love with a mortal prince. She knows that she can no longer live at the bottom of the ocean - but must she destroy herself in order to be loved?
A bold re-imagining of Hans Christian Andersen’s tale of love, loss and longing, transported to a contemporary setting.
Thursday and Friday 25th & 26th May 7.30pm in the Theatre here at Michael Hall.

Recommended for Class 6 students upwards (age 11)
Entrance free, collection for expenses at end.

Philip Beaven, Class 8b Teacher

Class Trip to the coast

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Class 4a have just returned from a much enjoyed walk in the South Downs. Over three and a half days we have walked 24 miles. From vantage points along the way, particularly from the top of the Downs, we could see where we had already walked, spread out like a map, to be compared with the actual paper map. On our first day we walked through the interesting historic town of Lewes, and were able to see Lewes castle from afar for a long time afterwards. The youth hostel at Itford Farm is a beautiful old flintstone farmhouse where we enjoyed the good catering. Our hardworking and competent parents had our tents up in a circle in Alfriston well before the rain came on. The staff at the "Clergy House" in Alfriston gave us a very interesting visit, including the opportunity, for those who wished, to dress up in period costume and play tour guide, to real tourists. Then on we went, up hill and down dale, through the woods until we came to the "Camping Barn" at Cuckmere Haven. On our last morning, we walked over the "Seven Sisters" (aunts Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.... from our story) until we met the parents at Birling Gap for our final picnic before heading home.

Ursula Godber, Class teacher.

Classes 3 wonderful Building Projects

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