Two new swarms of 'busy' bees at Michael Hall

Over half term we caught a beautiful and large swarm of bees, they have been moved into our Warre hive, built by Mr Davis and Class 9, 2 years ago. They look and sound very happy and busy and we are enjoying watching them develop.

“A swarm of bees in May is worth a load of hay.”

Yesterday myself, ably assisted by a student, caught a further swarm in Forest Row and they too have been moved into the apiary and are settling into their National hive.

“A swarm of bees in June is worth a silver spoon.”

Next up is the relocation of the Sun hive, donated to us by class 12 several years ago. It’s been in the garden but the site is not suitable and the colony died out. We aim to move it to the apiary with the other hives.

Susanne Fuller, Gardening Teacher

A Wonderful Trip to Canada Trip by Class 8a

Downloadable Version here

A Journey Through Love - Midsummer Play

On Saturday 23rd June, at 19:45 in the Theatre. Tickets available from Reception £6.
Class 10 are inviting you to embark on a magical journey: Danièle Moreau, a renowned actress is about to attend a ceremony and receive an award to acknowledge her achievements on stage and screen during her 50 year long career. As she is interviewed, she states that plays are always inspired by life moments, so as she acted her parts, she journeyed as a woman through her own emotions: falling in love, moving from anger to love, feeling disturbed by jealousy, overwhelmed by male domination despite old age thanks to wealth…, suffering the sorrow of parting from a beloved one, keeping a family together through hard work and stress, being able to see clearly once partnered? Class 10 will enact extracts from Shakespeare, Tchekov, Goldoni, Oscar Wilde, Dario Fo, Moliere, Garcia Lorca, Nasr Edin Hodja, Jacques Prévert and more…
Enacting her memories when she was younger, music, dances, poetry, songs in French, English and Brazilian. 1 performance only, attendance Class 8 and up (age 14 years).
Daniele Gaillemin, Drama Teacher

Class 8b Play - two beautiful posters

A ‘Dream’ of Transformation

Today’s ‘comedy’ is a commodity, a category of the multi-billion $ entertainment industry. It’s necessity as a satirical tool holding a mirror up to our society and our leaders is now more vital than ever. Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream is in a category all of its own, a journey of love and transformation as well as a vison of the hidden elemental world. For the students of class 8B, our exploration of Shakespeare’s most well-known comedy has invited a discovery of identities: what does it mean to really ‘play’ a character? A Faery? A worker? A lover? An aristocrat?
We explored the way in which the Elizabethans understood the Faery world as having a darker, (and therefore richer) character than the later rather twee Victorian/Tinkerbell type of being, which has in our time become further debased to cartoon saccharine images with no power or credibility. For the Elizabethans the fairy/elemental/deva world was a reality, and a reality of unimaginable power.
A Midsummer Night’s Dream is a text that asks its performers of any age to become ‘komoidos’ - comic poets or, literally, ‘revel –singers’, which tasks both performer and audience to witness transformation – man to beast, beast to man, labourer to hero and throughout all such the coming into being of young adults through the transformation of love.
Dear audience, we invite you to a glimpse of ‘fairy revels’, to cross the border, to witness a journey of love, to join us in the dream of
Midsummer Night’s Dream May 24th and 25th in the Theatre at 19:30. Donations will be warmly welcomed for the class 8b trip and to help cover costs for the new Theatre projector.
Dan Skinner, Class 8b Teacher

Waldorf Subject Teacher Training Course 2018 - 2019

Early Years Open Morning 12th May

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London Mozart Players here Sunday 10th June

Tickets can be purchased here

Beautiful day for a May Festival

Classes 1-5 herald in the spring, by dancing round the maypole. The dances are practiced for some weeks beforehand. On the chosen morning of the festival a May King and Queen (from Class 5) are crowned for the day. They lead the procession down to the maypole, together with a merry band of musicians. Children are dressed in green and white, adorned with flower garlands. Parents are invited to come and watch.

Matching haircuts - getting into character - Twelfth Night

Getting into character here, with matching haircuts, are the shipwrecked twins, Viola and Sebastian. As the play begins, each believes the other to have drowned at sea. But washed up on shore, and in a strange country, Viola decides to disguise herself as a man. 


What follows is a tale of mistaken identity and love, with humour, pathos and a touch of sword fighting.


All welcome, no tickets needed, donations at the door.

Class 8a Journal - Update.a, on 'Twelfth Night'

Download pdf version of Update.a here or pick up a copy from the Mansion