Collaborative Charcoal Drawing

“A group of 8 class 9 students did a collaborative charcoal drawing of a winter forest as part of their Black and White Drawing Craft Rotation. This encouraged working together; as well as understanding perspective and atmosphere created by making a large composition together.


Black and white drawing is part of the Steiner curriculum which is unique to Class 9. The guidance given for this points to the importance of order and calm during this period of adolescence where polarities of feeling among the teenagers are strong and in some cases swing wildly. By taking away the colour in these arts & craft lessons, (colour can intensify the feeling realm) we find balance between extremities of light and dark.  Working to connect the many mid tones can be likend to exploring compromise and understanding within the world and our relationships within it.”

Christmas Play tonight 7.30pm

Come and join us on Tuesday 16th December. A free night at the Theatre.

Christmas truce poster

The Coventry Shepherds' play

This year the teachers and Heart of Teaching students will be presenting the wonderful sixteenth century Coventry cycle Shepherds' play - come along at 19.30 on Tuesday 16th December (donations on the door).

As if this was in itself not enough of a departure from tradition, the later performances will also include dramatisation of scenes from the Christmas truce of 1914, the centenary of which comes around this year. The script has been adapted from the many letters written home describing this extraordinary event. We hope to see you all at the performances and look forward to a new tradition of innovation.

Dan Skinner

A Good School - in the Courier


The Forest Row history book that was 40 years in the making...

Stephen Sheen EG

Full story here

Purchase A good School Guide  here



Gymnastic Fundraiser Performance photos...

Laura Selter, VSO ICS - GYMNASTIC FUNDRAISER PERFORMANCE A big thank you to all the school community who attended and
supported my gymnastic fundraising event for VSO ICS. It was a great success and raised over £600, with performers from class 3 up to class 11.

A special thank you to all the performers for their enthusiasm and hard work, there is much talent within the school and it was nice to see a snapshot of some of this talent.
Wishing you all a happy Christmas and New Year, Laura Selter.

Michaell Hall A Level photography group are on flikr...

Join the group to see some of the amazing work from our A Level photography group.





A very Merry Christmas to all...

Xmas Tree 2014 MH Version A4

Eurythmy Performance

Join Classes 12 and 3 for a journey across the world to Ancient India – a land where anything and everything can happen. In the kingdom of a great Raja and Rani we meet Princess Labam, a brave young woman who embarks on an epic journey through the jungle in search of the handsome Prince Munir. Along the way she encounters the jungle’s many inhabitants and her quick-thinking, compassion and courage are tested. When she reaches the Prince’s kingdom though, she soon realises the challenge has only just begun. Let yourself be taken deep into the heart of Indian culture in this evening of music, story and dance. A culture not only of vibrancy and colour, but of mystery and magic too.
Tickets are available in Reception and also on the day at the Information Stand, which will be either inside the Dick Chester or outside (weather dependent).
£6 per adult and £3 per child.
Tomorrow’s performance 16:15
Monday’s performance 18:30
Rohan Stevenson, Class 12 student

Calendars for Sale this weekend


Local History for Class 4a

In Class 4 we start to orientate the children as to where they are in time and space. Class 4A have just started their local history block beginning with the Ashdown Forest as the heart of the history of this area. The local story starts when iron age people cleared small portions of the forest to make charcoal which was used to heat primitive furnaces that were used to work iron to make tools. The charcoal and iron industries grew and became an integral part of the local area for hundreds of years. To really understand this in a physical, living way, Class 4A have spent this week sawing and
chopping wood and making it into charcoal in the traditional way. They have then done some basic iron work in the forge to experience the processes our ancestors would have gone through. Looking at the history of our own school grounds, one of the Heart of Teaching students, Daniel Jones, who is also an archaeologist has been going on walks with the class who have been learning to see and puzzle out the evidence left behind which reveals the history of the grounds. See the website for photos.
Emmeline Hawker, 4A Class Teacher

Beautiful Christmas Cards for Sale

This year we have a Michael Hall Christmas card for sale. There are four beautiful designs by Class 12 Art students.

Cards are £2 each and available at the Advent Fair from the Information Stall, Kindergarten Christmas Shop and outside the Theatre from 3.30pm (with tickets for the Eurythmy Play).