New Arrivals in Class 3a

After waiting patiently for 21 days the incubated eggs have hatched, 9 out of 12 so far! Class 3 are feeling very chirpy.

Thank you to Neil at Plaw Hatch Farm for lending us the incubator and for his guidance and support.


Jacqueline Courtenay, Class 3a Teacher

'Mermaid' being performed this Thursday and Friday 25th and 26th May - see photos

Class 8b present MERMAID by Polly Teale


Beneath the ocean’s waves there is no death or pain or separation. Above, the modern world is beset with war, poverty and longing.
On her sixteenth birthday, a mermaid rises up to the surface, leaving her childhood behind for ever when she falls in love with a mortal prince. She knows that she can no longer live at the bottom of the ocean - but must she destroy herself in order to be loved?
A bold re-imagining of Hans Christian Andersen’s tale of love, loss and longing, transported to a contemporary setting.
Thursday and Friday 25th & 26th May 7.30pm in the Theatre here at Michael Hall.

Recommended for Class 6 students upwards (age 11)
Entrance free, collection for expenses at end.

Philip Beaven, Class 8b Teacher

Class Trip to the coast

Class 4a have just returned from a much enjoyed walk in the South Downs. Over three and a half days we have walked 24 miles. From vantage points along the way, particularly from the top of the Downs, we could see where we had already walked, spread out like a map, to be compared with the actual paper map. On our first day we walked through the interesting historic town of Lewes, and were able to see Lewes castle from afar for a long time afterwards. The youth hostel at Itford Farm is a beautiful old flintstone farmhouse where we enjoyed the good catering. Our hardworking and competent parents had our tents up in a circle in Alfriston well before the rain came on. The staff at the "Clergy House" in Alfriston gave us a very interesting visit, including the opportunity, for those who wished, to dress up in period costume and play tour guide, to real tourists. Then on we went, up hill and down dale, through the woods until we came to the "Camping Barn" at Cuckmere Haven. On our last morning, we walked over the "Seven Sisters" (aunts Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.... from our story) until we met the parents at Birling Gap for our final picnic before heading home.

Ursula Godber, Class teacher.

Classes 3 wonderful Building Projects

Fiddler on the Roof - Tickets available from Table Hurst, Plaw Hatch, Seasons, Taffels and Gaia.

The atmosphere here is one of excited focus as the cast and costume department, lighting and set design start the intense collaboration that will bring the musical to life.

Members of the cast say they are finding the process “thoroughly engaging”, and are astonished at the way “the musical is bringing both our classes together” in what has already proved to be an “inspiring” process. The best is yet to come, what with the first performance only days from now!

“I never enjoyed singing before, but now I can’t stop!” says an enthused Class 11 student. “I think this is a performance for everybody, young and old and I am enjoying the symmetry between the drama of the musical bringing together not only the story’s community but ours!”

Collaboratively there are nearly eighty people working on this production.  This results in a tremendous energy and creative force, channeled into the focal points of two performances. Don’t miss out what promises to be a high quality event.Why not make a night of it with friends and family? Go for a meal and drinks beforehand.

Forest Row always offers a range of good, cultural quinine. Get the dust off your tux or evening dress for a proper “Night out at the Theatre.” Buy your tickets now while they last!

Tickets are now available in Table Hurst, Plaw Hatch, Seasons, Taffels and Gaia.

From the Fiddler on the Roof advertising team.


Congratulations to 'Bridging the Ages'


Bridging Ages CIC are delighted to announce that they were winners in The People’s Project, a National Lottery funded competition. After a successful media campaign, filmed in Forest Row Community Centre with students from Michael Hall who had undertaken the project previously, the Life Stories: Bridging The Ages programme secured a grant of £47,400. With this money we plan to develop a toolbox/manual so that any council, school or organisation can undertake the intergenerational project. This will involve networking, writing and piloting the manual. Thank you Michael Hall parents, teachers and students for your support through postal and online voting and general promotion of this vital project.
Charlotte Harvey, ex-parent and ex-teacher


Michael Hall Sessions

The Theory U work is continuing, and has evolved with one expression being the Michael Hall Sessions.

These sessions are opportunities for the whole community to get involved in specific challenges that the school has identified. In a workshop style session, the expectation will be to prototype and enact change by finding solutions and recommendations to the challenge. These solutions will then be taken on board by the General Management Team (GMT) to take further action.

The next opportunity to take part is on Saturday May 6th.

With an 8:30am gathering for a 9am start in the Mansion, please come along for three hours to share your skills and knowledge on marketing and communications. There will be specific challenges/topics to collaborate on.

For further  details and to register your interest please visit this link:



Are you eligible for 30 hours Early Years Vouchers?

More information here

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