Michael Hall Celebrates The Success of  Former Pupil, Nico Mensinga

On his path to becoming a successful film writer, Nico Mensinga enjoyed seven years as a Michael Hall student.

‘Daphne’ a film written by Nico stars Emily Beecham as a 29 year old woman whose approaching 30th birthday raises anxiety and leads her to question her independent but chaotic lifestyle.

‘Daphne’ is currently showing at HMW Curzon (Wimbledon), Institute of Contemporary Arts (St James, London) and The Curzon (Soho). In Thursday, 28 September’s edition of The Guardian, renowned critic, Peter Bradshaw, hailed ‘Daphne’ as ‘Film Of  The Week’ … high praise indeed.

Nico Mesinga’s previous accomplishments include nomination for Best UK Short Film at Raindance and Best of British encounters for the writing and co-production of ‘Watching’ (2010), the Prix du Public Award (Dinard British Film Festival 2013) and nomination for two BIFA awards for ‘Titus’ as well as the Jury Award (Dam Short Film Festival) for ‘The Birthday Gift’.

The staff and students at Michael Hall are very proud of Nico’s achievements and take delight in celebrating his continuing success.

June Morley

"Just a quick word of thanks to Michael Hall School, and especially to Mr Stephen Sheen, and also Mrs Barbara Low, for getting me started and providing the much needed encouragement and confidence to become a writer. I don't think my well of creativity would be as deep as it is today, without the blessing of the education I received at Michael Hall. So thank you, thank you, thank you. And please do go and watch our film! Sorry for all the swearing in it! " Kind regards, Nico

Left to right on the red carpet during the Edinburgh International Film Festival Premier of Daphne at Cineworld. Valentina Brazzinni, Tristan Goligher, Peter Mackie Burns, Emily Beecham, Nico Mensinga, Friday 23rd June 2017(c) Brian Anderson | Edinburgh Elite media