Fiddler on the Roof - Tickets available from Table Hurst, Plaw Hatch, Seasons, Taffels and Gaia.

The atmosphere here is one of excited focus as the cast and costume department, lighting and set design start the intense collaboration that will bring the musical to life.

Members of the cast say they are finding the process “thoroughly engaging”, and are astonished at the way “the musical is bringing both our classes together” in what has already proved to be an “inspiring” process. The best is yet to come, what with the first performance only days from now!

“I never enjoyed singing before, but now I can’t stop!” says an enthused Class 11 student. “I think this is a performance for everybody, young and old and I am enjoying the symmetry between the drama of the musical bringing together not only the story’s community but ours!”

Collaboratively there are nearly eighty people working on this production.  This results in a tremendous energy and creative force, channeled into the focal points of two performances. Don’t miss out what promises to be a high quality event.Why not make a night of it with friends and family? Go for a meal and drinks beforehand.

Forest Row always offers a range of good, cultural quinine. Get the dust off your tux or evening dress for a proper “Night out at the Theatre.” Buy your tickets now while they last!

Tickets are now available in Table Hurst, Plaw Hatch, Seasons, Taffels and Gaia.

From the Fiddler on the Roof advertising team.