Fee Assistance

Michael Hall’s Fee Assistance programme aims to make the school accessible to families on a wide range of incomes. The programme is open to all pupils at Michael Hall (including new applicants), who meet our eligibility criteria. Please download our Fee Assistance Calculator (below) to assess your eligibility and to estimate the Fee Assistance you might receive.  Fee Assistance is granted following an evidence-based means test which assesses your income, housing costs and capital assets. Please note that the school has a limited budget for Fee Assistance, this means that we cannot guarantee to award financial assistance to every family, even if they meet our eligibility and financial criteria.

New Applicants

Refer to our admissions flow chart (below) to see the application steps for a family who are seeking Fee Assistance on entry.  You can download the New Parents’ Fee Assistance Application Form below, but this will not be looked at by the school until your school application and application fee have also been received.

Flow Chart 2014

Existing Parents

If your child is already at Michael Hall, you can apply for Fee Assistance once each year. Please submit your application by March, application forms will be available during February.

At other times of the year, should you experience a significant change in your family's financial circumstances, you can apply for Emergency Fee Assistance. Applications for Emergency Fee Assistance must be in writing using our Emergency Fee Assistance Form which you can download below.


Fee Assistance Ready Reckoner

Current Parents' Eligibility Rules

Current Parents’ Application Form 2018 - 2019

New Parents’ Application Form 2018 - 2019

Emergency Fee Assistance Form 2018 - 2019