Class 8b Play - two beautiful posters

A ‘Dream’ of Transformation

Today’s ‘comedy’ is a commodity, a category of the multi-billion $ entertainment industry. It’s necessity as a satirical tool holding a mirror up to our society and our leaders is now more vital than ever. Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream is in a category all of its own, a journey of love and transformation as well as a vison of the hidden elemental world. For the students of class 8B, our exploration of Shakespeare’s most well-known comedy has invited a discovery of identities: what does it mean to really ‘play’ a character? A Faery? A worker? A lover? An aristocrat?
We explored the way in which the Elizabethans understood the Faery world as having a darker, (and therefore richer) character than the later rather twee Victorian/Tinkerbell type of being, which has in our time become further debased to cartoon saccharine images with no power or credibility. For the Elizabethans the fairy/elemental/deva world was a reality, and a reality of unimaginable power.
A Midsummer Night’s Dream is a text that asks its performers of any age to become ‘komoidos’ - comic poets or, literally, ‘revel –singers’, which tasks both performer and audience to witness transformation – man to beast, beast to man, labourer to hero and throughout all such the coming into being of young adults through the transformation of love.
Dear audience, we invite you to a glimpse of ‘fairy revels’, to cross the border, to witness a journey of love, to join us in the dream of
Midsummer Night’s Dream May 24th and 25th in the Theatre at 19:30. Donations will be warmly welcomed for the class 8b trip and to help cover costs for the new Theatre projector.
Dan Skinner, Class 8b Teacher