Class 5 Olympics

For many years Michael Hall has hosted a traditional-style Greek Olympics for Class 5 Steiner Waldorf pupils (age 11) from around the UK. This three-day event takes place towards the end of the summer term. About 400 participants from around 20 schools attend. More recently we have also hosted visitors from European schools.

The Class 5 curriculum studies ancient Greece, and the Olympic event celebrates this particular time of childhood. At around the age of 12, children have a gracefulness and balance of weight in their movements. The lightness of the young child and the beginnings of the strength and weight they will have as teenagers are now evident. This relates directly to the philosophy of the Greek athlete who strove to strike a balance between the spiritual path (lightness) and physical attainment (weight).

One of the main aspects of the three days is the camp. Each school prepares its own camp and is allocated a camp site within the grounds of the school. We are fortunate to have ideal fields and woods for many classes to camp in. Where possible, the pupils have an authentic experience of camping including carrying equipment, cooking meals, cleaning up, and digging latrines!

Opening Ceremony starts 07.30  and the day finishes approx 16:00

Documents for parents and visitors below:-

Information for Parents
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Olympic Day Menu - to follow May 2018