Choosing Your Exam Options

GCSE Options

In addition to these four compulsory subjects, pupils are invited to select a further three subjects from the choices listed.  We look carefully at the preliminary option choices (with class and subject teachers) and later make specific recommendations if necessary.

Whilst seven GCSEs may seem attainable, this should be seen in the context of Main Lesson and other elements of the Steiner Waldorf curriculum.  Students will spend 50% of their school day on their GCSE subjects and therefore some students may opt to take fewer than seven GCSEs.  We run supervised study sessions as an option which allows students three lessons per week to work on homework, coursework and gain support from teachers. We positively encourage this for students.


A Level Options

At Michael Hall, it is possible for Class 11/12 to take four option choices. We often recommend that students choose 3 and leave one option free for study as the work load for A level is considerable.

A-Z Guide to Examinations at Michael Hall