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Please enjoy this little gift of song...

Please enjoy this little gift of song from our students here at Michael Hall Steiner School, whilst also enjoying art work, black-board drawings and other Waldorf crafts and images.

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Eurythmy Play - Marya Morevna, dress rehearsal images

Classes 12 and 3 will hold their first performance of Marya Morevna, a rich and colorful Russian Fairy Tale. On Saturday the 25th of November at 16:15 and Sunday the 26th at 15:00 in the Theatre. The dances, music and movement are weaving together as we prepare for this great event. Working with Class 3 has been a real pleasure for us in Class 12 and we look forward to sharing this special occasion with the
community. On Saturday tickets will be
available at the Information Stand (in the small classroom by the tunnel) and from 15:15 from outside the Theatre, at just £6.00 per Adult and £4.00 per child. This is a festive cornerstone of the year and the culmination of our education in Eurythmy.
Jacob Forward, on behalf of Classes 12 and 3.

Pottery in Class 9

In Class 9 Clay Modelling we study the human form. In a series of varied sculptures, we explore proportions, gesture, and the polarities of expression that make us human.

Advent Fair 25th November Programme

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Treasure Hunt Trail Map here

Eurythmy Play - Marya Morevna, performed by Class 3 and 12

Oberufer Christmas Plays


A wonderful aspect of the Waldorf curriculum is the opportunity to weave subjects together in a way that enriches learning and understanding.


So it is in Class 8a, where the Meteorology Main Lesson was easily complemented by our Art lessons. Pupils took paper and pastels en plein air, then observed and drew the beautiful and ever-changing clouds. On consecutive weeks, they drew outdoors, on Michael Hall’s estate and then further afield, at Hindleap looking over the South Downs.


The next step was to reproduce a painting by a well-known artist  – a painting with a skyscape.


The big challenge was for pupils to work together as a group, working individually on a portion of the painting, replicating it in pastels to a larger scale. All the ‘panels’ needed to fit together, blending colour and form, so that the final version appeared to be by just one – not eight – student artists.

The collaborative work was impressive and the end results are stunning. Two famous paintings now adorn the classroom walls, one by the English Romantic painter J M W Turner, the other by the Dutch post-impressionist Vincent Van Gogh. A joy to behold, daily!




Hilary Jessel

Class Teacher

Day in the Classroom is fully booked for this Saturday

Theatre production 3rd November - What Shall We Do With the Cello?

What Shall We Do With the Cello?

award-winning production comes to Michael Hall

Friday 3rd November, 20:00 Theatre (1 hr 15 mins)

Tickets: online https://cellotour2017.eventbrite.co.uk or on the door (please arrive in good time).

Outside, the storm to end all storms. Inside, three strangers in a waiting room, in what might be the last shelter on earth. But there is a cellist who won’t stop...... "What Shall We Do With the Cello?" is a funny, and wildly thought-provoking theatrical essay. What is intolerance? What happens if you simply go along with things?

"The tension in the room was shattered again and again by a comic line, or a well-timed look, and we were brought along on a rollercoaster of frustration and hilarity almost utterly against our will. It’s the realism amongst the absurdity that really ices my cake." The London Economic

Directed by Vasile Nedelcu, and after award-winning performances at Vault Festival, London, "What Shall We Do With the Cello?" is launching the tour with a special early performance in the Michael Hall theatre before the International Festival of Contemporary Drama in Brasov, Transylvania on 14 November, then touring in 2018 including London's Brunel Museum (Spring), Brighton Fringe (May), the Byline Festival (August) and the National Theatre in Moldova (October) .

Buying tickets for the Michael Hall performance directly helps Atelier Theatre Studio kick off the Cello tour by raising the final funds.

Written by Matei Visniec, Directed by Vasile Nedelcu, Music by Iancu Dumitrescu, Executive Producer Flora Smith.

Cast: Nicholas Bendall, Lucy Ramsden and Mike Sengelow join cellist Nick Allen of Modulus Quartet.


This is a School fundraising event.