Would you like to be interviewed?

Updated 4th July 2016 - THIS APPEAL IS NOW CLOSED.
Thank you all for replying to our appeal below. We now have 53 interviews organized or in the process of being organized.
Thank you again for supporting this process.


Dear parents, school staff and members of our wider community,

Thank you for your continued support to the school’s commitment to use the Theory U process to help Michael Hall self-reflect as an organisation and co-create a vision for the future. If you would like more details on what it all means, please check the Theory U page on the school website http://www.michaelhall.co.uk/theory-u

We are happy to announce that we now have a group of 21 people who have kindly come forward to conduct the dialogue interviews, one of the cornerstones which will inform the co-creating and co-evolving stages of this process. All 21 of them completed the Interview training offered by Ursula Versteegen at the school on the 16th June and they are raring to go.

This email is to ask you whether you would like to be one of their interviewees. If you have an experience of Michael Hall School which you would like to share in a one-to-one conversation, this email is for you.

The interviews/conversations will follow a set of seven pre established questions (including for example: What caught your interest in Waldorf Education? or What, if anything, are the challenges the school is facing over the next 3-5 years?) but the interviewer will also listen to and record any other aspects which you would like to bring forward.

The information you share with your interviewer will be anonymised before it is submitted to the Theory U Contact Group for collation. Your contributions, together with many other comments from the Community Cafes amongst other sources, will inform the Analysis phase which will take place in August and a further Feedback session to the whole community to take place in the Autumn term.

If you would like to be interviewed, please email us back and we will assign you to one of our interviewers. We would like all interviews to be completed in the next 2 weeks so we need your reply in the next few days!

Please do send this email to any people in our larger community, residents of Forest Row or parents from other local schools for example, who might be interested in coming forward to share their experiences of Michael Hall

We hope you all have (or have had) and enjoyable and inspiring Midsummer Festival,

Davina Skinner, Liz Attwell and Mark Westoll

Please note that the contact email for all Theory U related communications is now: theoryu@michaelhall.co.uk