A Day in the Classroom and CPD Workshops Early Years

An opportunity for adults to experience Steiner Waldorf Education first hand.

A Day in the Classroom

Our next 'Day in the Classrooms' takes place on:

Saturday 3rd November 2018

Saturday 30th March 2019

An exceptional opportunity to experience a typical day in the life of a Michael Hall Lower School pupil. See for yourself how the curriculum unfolds. You will be treated just like a student with a snapshot of the current tuition being taught to that class by the class teachers themselves. These days are immense fun with most of the parents enjoying it so much that they are loathe to leave at the end of the day. The day is open to all parents, teachers and anyone interested in learning more about our wide-ranging curriculum.

Further dates for A Day in the Classroom to follow shortly

Please download Application Forms below. The programme runs between  08:15 - 13:00 and is for adults only.

Application Form for 'A Day in the Classroom' 24th March 2018  - please return with payment with the reference ADITC.


Early Years C.P.D. Workshop

For Teachers - 2018 Date to be confirmed shortly (more information here)

In the Kindergarten you will immerse yourself in the rhythm of the morning with its creative play, activities and movement held in a beautiful and nurturing environment.

Please download Application Forms below. The programme runs between  08:15 - 13:00 and is for adults only

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Application Form for Early Years CPD Workshop to follow in 2018

For more information or to book your place please either email  contact@michaelhall.co.uk  or call on 01342 822275

Students Comments 

"I’m a main stream teacher and it’s been really interesting to experience this alternative education. It was really nice to feel the slower pace and feel what that would be like for a child."

"I’m a teacher, I am sad that I didn’t get this education for myself. It was lovely to see the children’s Main Lesson books and be outside and experience a gardening lesson."

"I have a 2 ½ year old child and we are starting to look at schools, I really enjoyed how much movement there was at the beginning of the Main Lesson and our teacher really explained everything well and it was great to be able to ask questions."

"I loved that the Main Lessons inter-link with the subject lessons, it made the Physics Main Lesson on ‘levers and fulcrums’ make much more sense when we applied it to cutting down a tree. I love the calmness of the classrooms and how beautiful they look, the images on the blackboards are outstandingly beautiful. How lucky these children are to be taught such an age appropriate education surrounded by such creativity, calm and ready to learn with everything thoughtfully delivered with the wellbeing of the child at the centre of it all. I wish I’d had this education."  

"It was great to experience what I had been told about by my friend, and put it all into perspective. Seeing the blackboards and the feel of the whole classroom, so old fashioned, was so brilliant as everything seems to be moving too fast in the world, especially for children."

"Really enjoyed this morning, love how the syllabus is interlinked and that the education is age appropriate, I love how the children work together it helps create team work."

"I often wonder why my education mattered and the relevance of it, but every word Dan spoke, I felt it had meaning and relevance. There is such a great breadth offered here and I love how this education activates passion and interest in children to want to learn. Children can find their passion and can be driven by real interest."

"Both teachers were very honest and you have to be able to trust in the education you are choosing for your child. There is no question in the vocational dedication of these teachers."

"I have just confirmed what I always felt and that is, I would have loved Steiner Education for myself!"

"I can honestly say I learnt more in the Geography lesson today than I did in the whole of my schooling, the inspirational way of teaching touches you deeply, it’s not just scratching the surface!"

"I can honestly say today has ‘Blown my Bass bins!’ The maths lesson was an absolute joy and the teacher incredible, the Art was ‘wow’ totally inspiring. I am putting an Application in for my child immediately."

"I spent the morning in Kindergarten, it was really good fun."

"I have applied for a teacher training course here, I have had such a fascinating time! It’s interesting for me as I often talk to main-stream teachers who think ‘teaching in a Steiner School is an easy option’, well these are big words and very wrong – it’s a very structured and far from the easy option, I know I am in the right place."

"I am a primary school teacher in mainstream education; I have really enjoyed seeing a different way of doing my job, a lot of food for thought!"

"I took the kindergarten experience; it was so lovely to see the woodland, really radical."

"I can honestly say today has ‘Blown my Bass bins!’ The maths lesson was an absolute joy and the teacher incredible, the Art was ‘wow’ totally inspiring. I am putting an Application in for my child immediately."

"It was inspiring to see how beautifully the teachers worked in harmony together. The kindergarten space itself has an amazing energy, very calming, grounding and nurturing."

"I have a 5 year old son and I came here to see a different way of educating as I am very frustrated with where he is now."

"I have 3 year old about to start kindergarten. I actually signed up for the wrong group and ended up doing Upper School. I normally hate maths but I really found the lesson interesting and the teacher was so passionate. I then went on to do the Music lesson and I am coming away from today feeling really emotional and totally inspired!"

"Today was an absolute privilege – I am ensured that we are making the right choice."

"I agree with my wife!" (above).

"I have a daughter aged 5 and since I have discovered this school and this education I have been obsessed, there is no looking back for us now – everything they do at my sons school now just won’t look right after today. When I saw the schools DVD I actually had a sob as I felt so sorry for myself because I didn’t get to come here. We have a lot to do now, move house, make some massive changes but we will."

"I teach maths and science and I am so pleased to see teachers that have as much passion as I do."

"I am the Principal at an Independent Prep School in Surrey and use ‘Steiner influences’, when we are asked what next by the parents of pupils leaving I will tell them this ‘move to Forest Row and apply to Michael Hall!"

"I am a teacher from the same school and have been very inspired by everything today, thank you. The stories were wonderful and are so important."

"I came with two hats on today, as a Grandma and as a Special Needs Teacher in a very busy London prep school, it’s fast and furious and as far away from this as possible.  Some children cannot cope with the ‘school factories’, my grand-daughter has applied and she will be very happy here."

"I am here as a grand-father and I knew nothing about Steiner Education – it has been a revelation!"

"I am very grateful of today – I am happy to continue with my intention to bring my nephew here from Columbia."

"I was startled by how much everyone cares about the child, I wish I could have learnt in this way".

"My daughter has just started in Class 5 (age 10) and it's fantastic to be able to have an insight into her day and to now understand why she is so happy here".

"I have just finished the Kindergarten Programme and I have had the experience of almost being under a spell, it's a wonderful space and the education feels different, not forced and there is no sense of stress, it just MUST be an enjoyable experience for any child".

"The practical and natural way we were taught made learning really come alive".

"What I found striking was that now I will intuitively know that my child will be at the centre of everything here".

"I was blown away today, I have had a lovely day, I felt very welcomed and the atmosphere here is incredibly positive". "It was great to see what the move would be like for my son from Parent & Child into Kindergarten, I'm just so jealous that I cannot be with him".

"I am already a Kindergarten mum here, and I am struck by how  natural, homely and cosy the Kindergarten is and now I understand why my son comes home so exhausted".

"Simply amazing! Making bread from start to finish was really a wonderful experience, especially as we experienced it as seen through a child's eyes!"

"Ok, so how can I open up a Steiner School?" A State school teacher.

"I got so lost in the painting lesson, it was a magical experience that I never even had once as a child, let alone on a regular basis, I wish I'd gone to a Steiner School when I was a child, it's so unfair!"

"I enjoyed the gentle pace of the Kindergarten Programme and the feeling I got of how 'child led' the education is."

"I found the whole morning very enlightening and enjoyable. From the start of the English Lesson I felt I was on a journey from being non-creative and a mumbling voice to creative verse, articulate and bold. I'm quite pleased with what 'I' achieved in such a short amount of time and it gained further confidence for me that my child will also."

"Fabulous, I was completely absorbed in the history leading to the discovery of gravity in my first ever Physics lesson."

"I was really happy to experience first hand what my son would experience at this stage in the Upper School."

"A wonderful and restful experience! Thank you for a great insight into the activities and atmosphere of the school!"

"It is nice to experience the education 1st hand, something you can not get from a book/website."

"It's wonderful to learn of the nourishment given to children at the school, it goes so deep and nourishes all elements of the child!"

"I am a parent in the Parent & Child group and I wanted to remind myself of why my child would come here to start in Kindergarten, thank you!"

"I will take what I have learnt and adapt as much as I can to what I do in my nursery school, very child led which is imperative!"

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